Organisational development

Business Growth

A fast growing business often requires all hands on deck.

Usually, growth implies an increasing number of employees and a change in the organisational structure of the firm. These changes bring along challenges that require much energy and attention from both management and the team.

An external coach will advise and guide you through this process of growth while maintaining your focus on what is important.

Maintaining a good focus is essential when your company is in full growth.

Targeted coaching helps you to manage an acquisition process.


Acquiring a new business demands time and effort, so it is wise to start early.

Acquisitions tend to be an emotional process that involves many personal aspects.

The previous business owner must let go of his company, while new leadership needs to settle in. Employees must also adjust to a new way of working and a different management style.

Herlinde is recognised by the Flemish government as a business transfer coach and guides those involved in the takeover process.


When a merger occurs, established rules and procedures may no longer apply. 

This can cause stress and tension among co-workers.

Different company values and cultures can lead to communication problems, which in turn cause a reduced return on investment.

A coach will help with the integration of both companies and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Do you want to avoid possible tensions during a merger?

It is vital that these corporate bodies function properly and work towards specific company goals.

Board of directors / advisory board

An active board of directors or advisory board is of significant value. It is vital that these corporate bodies function properly and work towards specific company goals.

Herlinde coaches both boards of directors and advisory boards. She is also a candidate for multiple boards herself.

Herlinde obtained a Board Effectiveness certificate from Guberna and has participated in training courses on “Tools for efficient board management” and “Efficient board management for family businesses”.