Personal coaching

Individual coaching

There is a point in everyone’s personal or professional life where he or she is faced with various challenges. These challenges will include both pitfalls and opportunities to grow.

Through a process of mindfulness you will learn how to use your strenghts and address your weaknesses.

 A coach is someone who listens attentively, without any form of judgement, and who helps you to gain insight by asking targeted questions.

You will discover the tranquility of undivided attention, you will learn to cope with emotions, you will use your persuasiveness to achieve your goals.

You will be offered a sounding board that allows you to observe your own situation from a different perspective.

Leadership coaching

Leaders are appointed to their role based on their qualities, experience, expertise and potential to grow. They possess a strong skill set and must be able to set and execute a vision and strategy.

Good leadership requires a range of competencies, such as a sense of purpose, team work, communication and problem solving. 

Career coaching

During your career, you will arrive at crossroads that leave you wondering which path to take. You can let others decide your path or take matters into your own hands. Guided by an experienced coach, you will explore various options to progress your career. 

You will gain clarity and enhance your own leadership.

You will discover what energizes you and what costs you energy.

Stress and burnout coaching

There are moments in life when we are so absorbed by our career and ambitions that it is hard to maintain a balance. When you are no longer able to relax and start experiencing physical discomfort, it is time to act.

Coaching is a tool that, through simple and effective exercises, will help put your life back on track.

You will learn how to control your emotions by focusing on your thoughts and mindset.